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We are here to help you by keeping your dog safe, happy, and looking healthy. We are passionate about helping your pets. We know how hard it is to clean your pets at home and how long it takes to pretty them up. Pets are the most important things in our lives next to our children and sometimes they are just like our children, so we treat them as if they were. We are a husband and wife that were born and raised in the Bay Area. We have two daughters, full times jobs, and live busy lives, so we know what you need because we live it. We want to create convenience for you, professionalism for everyone, plus safety and less stress for your pet.


We like to get to know your pets, so plan on a detailed phone conversation followed up by an introduction of your pet.  We do reserve the right to refuse service to pets that may be unsafe to groom, walk, train, or sit. The safety of our employees is important, but it is rare that we cannot accommodate a client. Feel free to contact us to discuss your pet's needs, then let us make an appointment for you today!

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Our Team

Our Team

It's all in the family.... Best Bay Area grooming team!! Contact us below.


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Professional Groomer


Professional Groomer


Professional Groomer



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